Bob Stovall, BA, Video Production

Bob Stovall is a seasoned professional in creative visual and digital services with a diverse background that spans
over 40 years. His expertise encompasses a broad range of skills, including photography, videography, video editing,
web coding, graphic design, and the strategic use of artificial intelligence to enhance projects when necessary. Bob
has a keen eye for visual storytelling, which he has applied across various mediums and platforms.

In addition to his role as Visual Media Manager at Arm Dynamics, where he plays a crucial role in marketing through
visual and digital media, Bob has a rich history of contributing to the field of creative visual arts. His earlier career
included significant roles such as chief videographer and director of photography at The University of Oklahoma’s
Television and Satellite Services, where he contributed to government educational and entertaining satellite
broadcast productions, and as a producer/director for Cox Communications, creating live television programming and
working on pioneering digital remote production projects.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on film and photography from the Fred Jones School of Fine Arts
at the University of Oklahoma, where he also shared his knowledge as an adjunct professor. Further enhancing his
skillset, Bob is certified in digital cinema and lighting from MMW and Steadicam operation from the renowned Malibu
workshops in the United States. His commitment to lifelong learning and mentorship exemplifies his dedication to
both his craft and the advancement of the visual and digital arts community.

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