Nonprofit Management

When your association needs additional support for specific projects or functions, RDG Management is fully-staffed and ready to act on your behalf. Associations overwhelmingly find that using association management companies give their organization an edge in improving efficiencies, and sometimes, cutting costs. Whether a stand-alone or volunteer-run, all types of associations can realize the advantages of partnering with an association management company. In fact, associations that outsource projects and functions to RDG Management are able to:


  • Free up staff or board time to focus on more important strategic functions
  • Add staff capacity quickly without the trouble of hiring or training new employees
  • Leverage their buying power with RDG’s other client associations
  • Take advantage of RDG’s staff’s association expertise and years of experience
  • Get fresh perspectives and new ideas from an objective third party.

Our Services

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Full Service Association Management

We do it all — including executive leadership, staffing, and financial management — so you can focus on the big picture.

Meeting & Event Management

From virtual conferences to board of directors meetings and more, we ensure your event is seamlessly organized and executed.

Grant Writing

Let our seasoned experts give you the best chance at receiving a grant. Our team uses their years of experience writing grants to get you the funding you need.

Membership Services

From virtual conferences to board of directors meetings and more, we ensure your event is seamlessly organized and executed.

Communications and Marketing

Engage and communicate with your key stakeholders.

Membership Development and Retention

Grow your membership base with tailored membership campaigns and retention programs.

Website Design

Perfect your association’s online presence, and bolster it with improved search engine optimization.

Small Association Model

Our tailored and scalable approaches make us perfect for helping associations of any size.

Helping you achieve your goals by reaching your target audiences.

Reaching your target audiences

We recognize every organization is different, with its own goals and objectives. We begin with understanding the specific audiences you are trying to reach.

Using Media to Promote your Messaging

Our team of experienced professionals use proven techniques to build your campaign to help you reach your audiences with your messages within your budget.

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Take the first step towards unlocking your business's full potential. Contact us today to explore how our Public Relations Strategy Consulting services can propel your organization towards new heights of success.