Wendy Jordan, mPhil, BA, Researcher

Wendy is our staff historian and researcher.  She received her master’s degree in archeology from Cambridge University (UK) and her bachelor’s degree in history from The University of Oklahoma.  Wendy has performed historical and archeological research specializing in medieval Europe.  Her master’s thesis at Cambridge was groundbreakiing research on the metal usage and culture of the Sámi people of medieval Fennoscandia.  She was also granted the With Merit status for her research on Romanesque and Gothic Cathedrals. While at OU, she created The Jordan Project, an online web project developed for the University of Oklahoma Libraries system.  The website is a biographical look at every wife of Medieval English kings; ranging from William I to Henry VII.  She serves us as an assistant on various media projects as needed, including grant research, media design, and writing proposals.  Wendy also serves as our connection to Great Britain and the European Union. She is the creator and host of Medieval Me podcast and teaches high school Spanish.  Besides English and Spanish, Wendy also has an understanding of Norwegian.

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